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Above Will of DC does a great job of breaking down the Laci Green situation and helping us understand better. As Editor in Chief of this bog I couldn’t agree more with Will’s opinions. Everybody has their own opinion of religion and as mentioned here that I am not a fan of religion but I do feel that belief in something, or faith, is good. Please watch Will’s video, read John Greens reaction and our response here, and then think of how you would like it to have death threats posted with your address and aerial photos of your home before you lash out at somebody next time.


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John Green's tumblr: I AM PISSED OFF


I am pissed off because Laci Green, one of the most promising young content creators on YouTube, has been forced off the Internet by death threats—apparently driven by her casual use of the word “tranny” in a video she made more than three years ago. (She apologized and even took down the…

This whole thing bugs me more than I can put words to.  This really comes down to a message of acceptance and tolerance.  Everybody is ignorant (and just so we are clear I mean the true definition of ignorance, as in not knowing something) of something… EVERYBODY!  When a person makes an ignorant comment about something you have two choices.

Choice 1) You can reach out in love and explain to them why what they said is wrong or…

Choice 2) You can scream and holler and send death threats and accomplish nothing

I for one will always choose choice number 1 because that is true acceptance & tolerance.  Helping those that do not understand to understand what is going on and has been done wrong.  And yes, there are those people who are choosing to be ignorant and no amount of talking is going to make them understand.  For those people you need to say your piece and then walk way.  There is no need for threats or getting so angry about it.  You can have a discussion without freaking out about a topic.  Believe it or not societal opinion shift does not happen in the extremes.  It happens when two rational people sit down and have a conversation about it.

I just don’t understand people who scream about how you need to be accepting & tolerant of them while at the same time being unaccepting & intolerant of you.  Use your brain or please just don’t post.  It really is that simple.


EDIT(07.10.12): added the word acceptance to the piece because temo42 pointed out an exception and they are correct.

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