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pickchick38, otherwise known as Julia continues to impress. I spend what most would probably consider an obscene amount on youtube listening to youtube musicians. I am continually amazed at the talent all over the site, especially of those who are not attached to a “VEVO” channel.

Everybody from time to time has some music that I would consider sub par. All of my favorites have songs that I listen to because its from them but I may only listen to once to twice because I just dont like them. So far Julia has a perfect record. I have yet to find a song of hers that I don’t have on repeat for several days after it is released. She is possibly best known for her Swindon Town Swoodilypooper music but I would have to agree with Julia that this is beautiful music!

This marks her 4th original song released. I think that once she gets to 8 we need to encourage her to release a record over at DFTBA records!!!

As always please share and spread the love on this amazing work!


PS. - If you have a song or amazing video you would like us to review please send it to us and we will be happy to oblidge.

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    This song is so legit. It basically tells the whole story of this book perfectly and plus it sounds great. And…. UKULELE
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