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Inspiration from a Cell Phone?

Another company has done something brilliant.  I saw THIS in February and thought it was a fluke.  An amazing fluke, but a fluke.  Now this video above.  I have trouble putting words to how amazing it is that Verizon has made this commercial.  Verizon wireless services ~122 million customers in the US as of Q1 2014.**Unless my math…

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/!\ Trigger Warning /!\


Just shot this to bring it up. May make a polished one later, but this felt important, and talk should be immediate. On Edd Blann returning to Youtube.

He can delete comments, but he can’t delete the discussion.

I’m not linking to his video, because I don’t want to support it or contribute to the views. I’m all for being a better person. What I’m not for, is painting yourself as a victim when you were in fact the abuser. Don’t seek undeserved acceptance back into a community you abused. Move forward somewhere else.

This is not going away.  Even if they want it to.  Morgan is 100% correct.

People deserve the chance to apologize and if they are truly repentant, only to be decided by the actual people whom they hurt, they can be forgiven.  Forgiven however does not mean they get an automatic bid back into the places where they made the mistakes.  The people they hurt are still there and they are the ones that allowed to stay.

I have no sympathy for people who are proven abusers; especially those who show no real remorse.  I hope this conversation never stops and never stops calling out those who have done wrong… EVER

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Anonymous asked: to say that there is /less/ racism 50 years ago than now is false.[i'm going to focus on US racism] yeah black people can vote, yeah other POC can come to this country and live their lives, yeah there is inter-racial mixing, but just because we can mingle and make babies and vote doesn't mean that there is /less/ racism. there are so many problems we don't talk about[stereotypes]. racism is alive and well. we have to understand our differences to see it, potentially, lessen.


I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that any activist who was alive in 1964 who heard you say that their hard work to integrate schools, to allow interracial marriage, to allow black people to use the same bathrooms as white people, to secure rights for people of color in the United States has resulted in absolutely no progress would have a pretty hard time not hitting you in the face. 

My mom lived in Birmingham 50 years ago where a church was bombed by white supremacists fighting against civil rights and integration resulting in the deaths of four young girls. She has fought for HER WHOLE LIFE against the racism that she was raised inside. She fought it in herself and she fought it in her world and if your wrongness was not so infuriating I wouldn’t be taking the time to respond to it.

Yes, there is still racism, but in 1964 racism wasn’t a character flaw, it was public policy backed up by complete cultural complicity. Black people in the southern US were basically taught to be in constant fear for their lives. Mobs of white men would occasionally just grab a black man and hang him. Black men were tried by a jury of white people and found guilty of assault and sent to jail for LOOKING AT WHITE WOMEN. There were over 50 bombings in Birmingham alone committed by terrorists fighting against civil rights. The depth and breadth of the hatred and bigotry that allowed that to occur is far more intense than anything we deal with in America today. 

And yes, we’ve still got a long way to go, and we need to keep fighting for equality in America and everywhere. But just because racism still exists doesn’t mean we haven’t made huge amounts of progress.

I am going to 1000% agree with Hank on this one.  This argument that unless a problem can be fixed 100% then its not worth talking about the progress that has been completed is ill thought out at best.  Objectively racism has gotten better.  There have been improvements that cannot be ignored.

I see a similar problem with Republican logic.  They think that if you cannot stop murder 100% then its not worth implementing gun control. Most of us know that is BS.  If a gun control measure can reduce murder by even 1% its worth it.  Of course I would like to see it go away entirely; but since that will never happen I am going to be happy with any reductions we, as a society, can get.

So yes, I do think its worth while celebrating the end of chained slavery, I do think its worth celebrating that women have the right to vote and own land, I do think it worth celebrating mixed race couples of all races, and I do think we have a TON of work to do.

The sad facts are that we will never reach a plateau of social issues where society can say, “Well we have reached markers x,y, and z so we don’t have to worry about R social problem anymore.”  It is just never going to happen.  Because of this we should continue to work on social issues every single day but also be able to take stock and celebrate the small victories we have had because sometimes its the small accomplishments that remind us we can do big things.

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Participants wanted for study on learning English from participating in online communities!


Even if you do not participate, please consider liking and sharing this post so I can reach a wider audience!

Do you often watch vlogs on YouTube and/or read blogs online?

Are your favourite (video)blogs in English but English is not your native language?

Are you between 14 and 25 years old?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, I am looking for you!

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A hilarious “tour” of Cleveland turns into a vlog about the TFioS gathering John and cast did there!

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Combatting Sexual Violence in Youtube Communities


Hey, guys! Many of you have been asking about the task force against sexual violence that Hank mentioned in a recent video. The following is an update from that task force on their plans.

Recent events in the Nerdfighteria and greater YouTube communities (compounded with incidents in the past…

Read up peeps.  This is a most important update.  Especially if you are considering going to VidCon this or any year!

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